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What is The Surround?

The Surround began in 2010 to give men an opportunity to connect with other men to become more powerful and experience greater freedom in their relationships and work. It had been my experience from more than twenty-five years in leadership roles in personal development organizations that when men intentionally and consistently connected with other men, they became better husbands, fathers and providers. But I wanted to move beyond the prescriptive, group-think models of those programs and offer an experience in which men could find their own unique voices and power and express them in the world.

The Surround is a weekly men’s circle in which you will experience connection, trust, and listening. It is from this foundation that you have the opportunity to tell the truth about the issues in your life; the truth that you can’t say anywhere else. You see yourself in the other men’s struggles and realize that we all experience the same fear, shame and anger that come from living in today’s complex society that is changing at such a dizzying speed that we often feel like strangers to ourselves. In this atmosphere you gain perspective, your problems come into focus, you begin to see the solutions for yourself, and you become empowered to take constructive action. These are lively and often hilarious conversations; when we look at ourselves in the mirror of other men we trust and who trust us, we see ourselves as complete human beings, with strengths, weaknesses, and wisdom.

As a result of engaging in these conversations, the men in The Surround have seen profound improvements in their lives: enhancing and saving marriages, healing relationships their with parents or their children, starting or expanding businesses, getting in shape and resolving health issues, finding purpose in their careers. And we go beyond just dealing with problems; a large part of the conversation is about fulfilling long-standing dreams and discovering our lives’ purposes.

I also offer one-to-one coaching for men who want to tackle issues in a more focused way and in a private setting.

If the conversation and results that The Surround offers call to you, contact me and learn how connecting with other men in a safe, supportive environment can take your life to the next level and beyond!